Chef James Theriot

James Theriot


Chef James their is a Santa Rosa local, who enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter watching Star Wars. Having never taken a culinary class, James learned on the job as he moved from restaurant to restaurant starting with; Panda Express as a dish washer in 2012, then tossing pizza at NY Pie in 2014, and then making ice cream at Shuffles. These jobs fueled his drive to become a better cook and lead him to The Pullman Kitchen, where he trained with Executive Chef Darren McRonald and the former Chef de Cuisine John Trunk. Chef James’ training allowed him to become Sous Chef before becoming the current Chef de Cuisine.

James Theriot is a Santa Rosa native and had spent time in many of Santa Rosa’s restaurants before he joined The Pullman Kitchen team. With no formal training James’ exposure to different restaurants and cuisines in Sonoma County fueled his drive to improve and expand his skills in professional kitchens. These desires led James to The Pullman Kitchen in 2016 when he was hired as a line cook. James quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to Sous Chef. Most recently James has taken over the reins as Chef de Cuisine. We look forward to all the wonderful creations James will come up with when not watching Star Wars with his wife Eva, and newborn baby Lucy.